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What is Prospa?
Do you have a physical branch ?
How safe Is Prospa ?
Is my account insured?

Becoming a member

Can I open an account ?
How long does it take to open an account ?
Can I apply from outside Nigeria ?

Pricing & Charges

How much does it cost to use Prospa ?
Transfer fees
Service usage fees *based on the amount of inflow into your account monthly.
What if my business does more than ₦10,000,000.00 ?

Account upgrades

What is Prospa Thrive ?
What do I get with Prospa Thrive ?
How much does Prospa Thrive cost ?


What documents do I need ?
Why do you need my BVN ?
The last 4 digits of my BVN says not matching ?
I don’t know the phone number connected to my BVN ?
I’ve been asked for more information about my business ?

Account features

Do you offer cards ?
Do you offer POS ?
Can I deposit cash ?
Do you offer loans ?
Can I receive international transfers ?

I’m interested in partnering with Prospa
I have a press / media enquiry